The Original     Nauti Bracelets      ~ Dare to be Nauti ~                        
“It’s not just a bracelet - it’s a statement”. 

Nauti Bracelets USA

 The Original Nauti Girl Anklet

Guy Friendly Quick Click Clasp

Ergonomically Designed Curved Clasp

316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel

100% Waterproof & Rustproof

Custom Made in Chicago - USA

The Original Nauti Boy Bracelet

Guy Friendly Quick Click Curved Clasp

Voted #1 Bracelet

  The Original Nauti Boy Featured In Esquire

                                 The Original Nauti Boy


Our Story -

The ethos of Nauti is to make unisex bracelets of rugged, functional beauty – a cool recognizable brand with rich American Legacy providing the inspiration for attractive high quality stylish bracelets.

                  “It’s not just a bracelet – it’s a statement.”

Nauti Bracelets evolved out of a desire to symbolize a timeless adventurous lifestyle in a bracelet that can be worn for all occasions.
All Nauti Bracelets are custom made to fit for style and longevity and are not mass produced; working with a team of experts I set out to craft the finest bracelets.

                                          ~ Dare To Be Nauti ~

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