Bracelets Are Recognized Worldwide

Nauti is one of the oldest and most respected “Iconic Bracelets” in the world with a rich American history and old fashioned quality craftsmanship.

Our Bracelets separate themselves from all the other mass produced, mass marketed online bracelets from that never fit properly and end up in the dresser drawer never to be worn again.

When you have our fitting consultants determine your correct size you always end up with a far superior product compared to ones coming off the “made in China” assembly line

The reason why our bracelets and are so successful is because of our 3 recognizable bracelets in our collection. 

Náutilux – Classic Black

Nautique’ – Red – with Purple & Teal Tracers

 Náutico  – Blue – with Black & Red Tracers

No advertising is not needed!

You pretty much have to know someone who’s purchased our bracelets or read about us in various international publications. After being featured in Esquire’s “Big Black Book” special edition propelled the Nauti brand name into the international spotlight as the best bracelets. 

Today many Celebrities, Pro Athletes and Famous Musician’s sport our bracelets.

Another great feature Nauti has incorporated into their recognizable line is the 100% water & rust proof marine grade polished 316L stainless steel ergonomic curved “Guy Friendly” easy-on / easy-off quick click push button locking mechanism clasp which the ladies love even more! 

100% satisfaction guarantee!

Whether it’s from the “Beach to Black Tie” the rugged, functional, beautiful appearance is no wonder our bracelets are the finest in the world. 

“It’s not just a bracelet – it’s a statement – You make a statement when you wear a Nauti Bracelet!”

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Waterproof

100% Rustproof

100% Trusted

100% Nauti

Dare To Wear Nauti~

Are You Ready To Sport An Iconic Custom Made To Measure Bracelet?

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Phone Or Text Us: 312 600 5266

Jay Brown, Founder Nauti Bracelets

Nauti Bracelets

Jay Brown is the founder of Nauti Bracelets and successful currency trader. He’s an athlete, health fanatic, adventurer, innovator, dreamer, millionaire and most of all ~ a believer in our Lord Jesus Christ! He’s an Aston Martin aficionado, sailed the high seas, survived in the Canadian wilderness, trades commodities in the Chicago pits and even saved a few people’s lives along the way. He’s a man’s man with strong faith who rises above inanition with vast interests and never turns his back on a person in need. Bio by Genevieve - Team Nauti

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