It’ all started back in the 70’s when the adventurous Nauti Founder attended summer sailing school as a young tike on the Eastern seaboard.

During inclement weather he would make cool “Nautical Bracelets” crafted from rigging line and shackles.
Eventually Nauti evolved out of a desire to symbolize an adventurous lifestyle in a Nautical Bracelet that can be worn anywhere, anytime and noticed by everyone!
After being featured in Esquire’s “Big Black Book” special edition for coolest guys accessories propelled Nauti brand name into the global spotlight. Today many “A” List Celebrities, Pro Athletes and Famous Musician’s sport Nauti.

 Nauti Bracelets are not mass marketed or mass produced, each bracelet is custom made to measure for precise fit and crafted with our “Iconic” ergonomically designed marine grade polished stainless steel “Guy Friendly” quick click clasps that the ladies love even more!

 Nauti Bracelets is one of the oldest and most respected Nautical bracelets in the world with a rich American history and old fashioned quality custom craftsmanship.

Everything we do results from a combination of disciplines learned over years.

This extensive palette of skills and knowledge provides for a wealth of uniquely creative yet, fashionable and comfortable outcomes for all occasions.

We strive to custom craft our products using performance braided nylon cordage and precision 100% marine grade 316L polished stainless steel components.

Nauti Bracelets are equipped with our “Iconic” ergonomically designed curved clasps with easy on / off “Guy Friendly” quick click locking mechanism.

NAUTI is engraved on clasp for authenticity and proudly custom made in the USA.

100% Authentic

Nautique' -
Náutiluxe -
Náutico -

The Original Nautical Bracelets – Nauti is one of the oldest and most respected “Iconic” Nautical Bracelets in the world with a rich American history and old fashioned quality craftsmanship.

“It’s not just a bracelet, it’s a statement – You make a statement when you wear a NAUTI Bracelet”


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Waterproof -
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Nauti bracelets high quality precision custom made to measure outcomes have a global presence from our rich American Legacy. 

Our success is attributed to our faith and loyal satisfied customers like you spreading the word from being featured in prestigious international publications.

~ Dare To Wear NAUTI ~

Jay Brown is the founder of NAUTI Bracelets and successful currency trader. He’s an athlete, health fanatic, adventurer, innovator, dreamer, multimillionaire and most of all ~ a believer in our Lord Jesus Christ! 

He’s held patent pending inventions, sailed the high seas, survived in the Canadian wilderness, trades commodities in the Chicago pits and even saved a few people’s lives along the way. 

He’s a man’s man with strong faith who rises above inanition with vast interests and never turns his back on a person in need.

Bio by Genevieve – Team NAUTI

Team Nauti



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